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February 18, 2016 - Turn Your Fear of Public Speaking Into Your Most Powerful and Profitable Weapon!
Welcome to Yasgurs Farm Productions inaugural blog post of Turn Your Fear Of Speaking In Public Into Your Most Powerful And Profitable Weapon! We know that most of you here are fairly accomplished speakers. You are business professionals who deal with the public on a regular basis and perhaps have no issues with speaking before a group. Regardless of where you are in your public speaking journey, the goal of this Yasgur's Farm blog is to get you to that next level. If you are an accomplished speaker who is at ease speaking before a group, congratulations! But there is another level you can reach and we'd like to help you get there. Maybe you are in a position where you have to periodically address a group and while you can pull it off, it's not your favorite part of the job. What if we could get you to the next level where you actually like speaking before a group? What a concept! Or perhaps you are deathly afraid of standing up before a group. That's OK! Our first goal for you is to simply get you up on stage, deliver your speech and get off stage with minimal trauma! Welcome to Yasgur's Farm Productions inaugural post. We have much more for you! A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Lao Tsu We would love to hear what you want from our blog. What are your speaking issues? How can we best help you with your public speaking issues? What questions do you have? Send us your questions. Tell us what you?d like us to address or write about. Contact us at Get on our mailing list for the latest updates! Thanks for your input! All the best! Tom

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