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We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser But How?
The complete guide to putting on a benefit fundraiser

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The Book You’ve Always Wished Somebody Would Write Is Here!

 “We Need to Do A Benefit Fundraiser -- But How?”


    One of your friends, co-workers or family member is facing a health crisis and finds themselves in dire financial straits. You have taken it upon yourself to lead the way in helping that person get back on their feet by way of a benefit fundraiser. But you’re immediately faced with the frustration of realizing there’s no information out there on how to do it - until now!

    Hello! I’m Tom Zalaski - television news anchorman, professional speaker, author and emcee. I’ve coordinated, planned, produced and emceed countless benefit fundraisers and I’ve put all of my experience, expertise, know-how and secrets into my step-by-step benefit fundraiser guide, We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser - But How?

     Here are just a few of the hundreds of the tips you’ll find in We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser - But How?

  • When to hold your benefit. Where to hold your benefit. More importantly, where and when not to hold your benefit.
  • Forming an effective committee and delegating responsibilities.
  • How long the planning will take.
  • How to negotiate the use of a hall at little or even no cost
  • How to advertise your benefit. Ways to get posters made at no cost. How to get free radio, television and newspaper advertising.
  • How to solicit donated items for your live auction, your silent auction and raffles.
  • What to charge for raffle tickets.
  • What about entertainment? (You’ll be surprised at my advice on this one!)
  • What methods of payment will you accept?
  • ...and many more in this easy-to-use manual for running your benefit fundraiser.

     There’s more! Here are some actual PDF excerpts from We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser - But How?

"Benefit Checklist" "Who Wants to Do What?" "Collecting Donated Items"

     “But Tom, how do we know what to do and when to do it during our benefit fundraiser?”

     I’m So Glad You Asked!

    I’ve even included for you a minute-by-minute agenda that tells you exactly what to do and when! Simply follow it and your event will go off like clockwork!

    And although I can’t be there to personally emcee your event, you get the next best thing to actually having me there. You get my personal Emcee Script! This is the exact script I use at the benefit fundraisers that I emcee. All your emcee has to do is follow it! I’ve written the word-for-word script telling your emcee what to say and when to say it!

The Reviews are in!

What they’re saying about "We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser – But How?”

     “The information is absolutely fantastic and has already helped us as we enter the final weeks before our benefit. I can’t thank you enough and know this will be a huge bestseller!”
K.B. “

     Thank you for the book and for all you do to help those who are organizing benefits.”

     “We would like to thank you for your book on how to do a benefit. It was very helpful in all aspects of what we did.”
The J. Family

     “Thank you so much for all the advice you gave my sister Robin to help me with this benefit. Also, I really appreciate that you emceed my benefit. You did a really awesome job. (All the women swooned over you (: )”

     “Hi Tom, Your benefit book that you sent our family has been a huge blessing! Thank you so much. We are using it as our bible for my brother's benefit.”


   I know you've been looking for help and until now all you've been able to find are companies who want to 'help' you by trying to sell you everything from pens to mugs to keychains for you to resell at your fundraiser. Here's the problem -- nobody wants this stuff! At the end of the night you're stuck with a bunch of pens, mugs and keychains that you paid a lot of money for! All you really need is We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser -- But How? and a group of good friends and family who will combine my advice with hard work, committment, persistence and loving hearts. That simple investment will pay huge dividends!


Get your friend or loved one back on their feet!

We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser – But How?

You Can’t Fail!

$5.95 + $5.00 S/H

Publisher: Tom Zalaski Productions LLC

ISBN: 978-0-9789223-1-3

Specs: Paperback. 115 pages. 2007. $5.95

We Need To Do A Benefit Fundraiser But How?<br>The complete guide to putting on a benefit fundraiser Front Cover
Front Cover

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